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Updates [Jan. 31st, 2009|05:26 pm]

Could we get the TMC connection info changed so just in the slighest chance someone wants to come play they can acyually get on? :p
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2008|10:20 am]
[Mental Status |tiredtired]

Yuki: new internets
To: all
IP address is

I hope this works. if not, well, someone else will soon be hosting the

DNS has been updated. May take 96 hours to complete.


remember the dash?

Seriously... [Feb. 9th, 2008|08:28 pm]

[Current Location |Sly's Apartment]
[Mental Status |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |Mass Effect on the TV...]

Quit being tardcarts. Thanks to Yuki for that phrase... I've used it sooo many times over the past few years.

Honestly, I started this LJ group and have no intentions of ever "closing" it. and since it's MY group and I'm a fucking Nazi... Quit being retarded... or after WAR, I will start logging on daily and deleting retarded posts. Seriously, people... how old are you guys? At the ungodly age of 22, have I managed to gain SO MUCH MORE infinite wisdom to see how dumb this entire thing is?

It was a game. It had a SURPRISINGLY long life for an online game. Even the mud I originally started playing on is LONG gone. It happens. GROW UP. there are an infinite number of games online. If you have so little life that the loss of a game affects you so much... go fall in love with something else. I'm not saying forget it or your experiences there or the people (although there are a few experiences I still try to forget)... but MOVE ON. It's like a breakup... GET OVER IT AND FIND SOMEONE NEW.

If somehow, someway, DM were to ever go back online... I would definitely be starting a new char... but until then, I most certainly have other things to spend countless hours of my life doing.

I love the majority of the characters that I have met on DM... I always thought it was great to have the cons... and I still want to go to one this year or next.

I hardly check LJ anymore, so if you want to shoot me a message, I log onto MySpace or Gmail the most (gangsta-mail... woot woot).


So seriously, my friends. Grow the fuck up. Even if you're still living in your mom's basement.

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My 'Holy Crusade' [Feb. 9th, 2008|02:54 pm]

[Mental Status |pissed offpissed off]

Regardless of Alex's opinion of myself and my assertions, his reply itself is in a lot of ways evidence of what I was saying. I wasn't making an attempt to 'rally the troops' as he said, but I was trying to restore something we lost. His input wasn't even really necessary to that goal, but if he's going to give it, I'm going to answer it. Here's my responses to some of what he wrote.

***Now, notice no money has changed hands, and no physical property. I haven't given him the root password either. Yes, argue verbal contracts all you like, but what verbal contract about the intention of selling something is going to hold up? So, when I go to a store and say, "I'd like to buy that CD, " until you pay money for it, you don't own it yet. ... Now, if you want to argue intellectual property, it has been shown many times over that the moment you submit something to a MUD, the property is now the property of the owner, which was me, until at which time I handed the server over to Slate. ... Arland, if you and Slate would like to take me to court over this, I'd love it.***

This wasn't really ever about legality. I'm sure you and your superior knowledge of copyrights and property rights and money rights and whatever other legalese you seem to have mastered would slaughter any argument I presented. This was about what is ethical, moral, and "fair." Take your legal arguments and shove them, because there's no court of peers on this earth that would gauge your actions as considerate, even-handed or even mature.

***Two weeks later, I change my mind and realize I was making the wrong decision (my opinion.) I shut the mud down. I should not have offered the server in the first place, and honestly, I should have shut the place down in 2002 before Guido let the place rot to shit the first time, or in early 2007 when I told everyone to F themselves for how they treated me.***

Supposedly, you once really cared about this place. Perhaps all you ever cared about was the code, and certainly that's all you cared about when you came back. How can you expect people to appreciate what you do/did with the attitude you had? You sold favors (which, if you want to argue legality, I'm fairly certain it's illegal to profit off that software, even if you claim to 'offset costs'), you courted friends, and didn't really want to deal with anyone else. Tell everyone to fuck themselves for how they treated YOU? With the exception of a select few, or maybe those with nostalgic, seven-year-old memories of when you cared, you were walking around with an upturned nose at best and a total ass at worst. The game was bigger and better than you. More people cared about a piece of software than cared if you lived or died, and you hated it, even though you're the reason it became that way. So cut it out with the pity party and moral high ground, alright?

***So, Slate emails me asking for a copy of the code after I shut it down. I respond saying no, and explain why I won't be doing it. I did not in any way just say, "FUCK U NO, " though think what you will.***

Actually, his oh-so-thorough explanation he summed up in the first line of the email, which I believe he posted in this forum: "I don't know, yesterday I was sitting there at home, next to the server, logged in to read notes, and saw all the hub-hub about the pwipe, and it made me sad." He had an emotional moment and wiped our world-away-from-the-world off the face of the planet. Anyone can recreate a character on their own, but we can't create Daedal ever again. Sure, maybe in another ten years, we could invest the same time and effort into a new codebase...but we shouldn't have to. That game was OURS as a playerbase, regardless of whose fingers programmed our ideas. Which leads us to a very key point...

***As for Slate touching every line of 200, 000+ lines of code, including the account system, every custom skill and spell, the memory management, every custom class, table, function, pets leveling, monk combos, every remort, all the OLC fixes I made, custom damage, and all the other stuff in that game and whatnot... is ridiculous. If you'd like to argue that Slate coded more than I did, go right ahead. I can produce a CVS changelog if you like and you'll see just how wrong you are. If you'd like to argue that Slate cared more about the game than I did, I am sure he did towards the end, and debate all you like. Me caring about the game is the only reason it was still running for so long.***

So you're telling me with all the bugfixes, updates, rebalances, changes, and additions Slate and all the other coders made to the game, you could really legitimately separate "his" section and return it to him like you suggested? Could you, afterwards, send to each player every idea of theirs that was implemented and then made the game better? You could really divide out the code nobody else ever touched that is oh-so-very-yours that you can't share with anyone else because you're sad? Jesus, do you realize how sad WE are? Instead of a pwipe and a fresh start we have nothing to show for our investment, Slate primary among us. He DESERVES that game at this point more than you ever did, because you flushed your credibility down the drain.

***Anyhow, to Scot, I get your point, I knew all this when I shut the game down. It's unfortunate, it's sad, but life goes on. Most games shut down eventually. It's how/why large groups of people just show up on other MUDs, their current game shut down or they got fed up with everyone. Well, I got fed up with everyone and everything.***

Games shut down because the PLAYERS leave. That's sad. That's unfortunate. Games don't shut down because the person nearest to the server has a hissy fit, or a jealousy fit, or a temper tantrum, or a depressive moment. That's retarded.

***Arland will rally his troops as usual and they'll listen to his holy gospel as always. I won't argue my points anymore, this is all I have to say. ... Flame away, tell me how many bukkake cocks I can have and what an asshole I am and how much disrespect I deserve and how awful I am and how big of a forehead I have and how I'm so rotten and how I've injured you deeply and whatever else. If I cared about the opinions of the people on this board, I wouldn't have shut the place down, now would I?***

If by 'rally the troops' he means bring everyone to Slate and start our world as close to where it left off as we can, then I'd love to. Alex has said how little he cares about us and what we think or want, so I'm inclined to return the favor. Share what you have with Slate, and let's get our game back, minus one passive-aggressive, obsessive-compulsive, manic depressive, oh-so-misunderstood former owner.

By the way, Alex, Slate doesn't even know I posted this unless he read it on his own. He's simply sad the game is gone, although for a completely different reason than you. He deserves respect and friendship. He earned mine, and he earns it from pretty much everyone he meets, because he DOES care what they think and want. Everything he coded stemmed from what other people wanted from the game, from the ideas of others, and he acknowledges their creativity and potential. It's a shame you don't do the same, because then maybe you wouldn't hate the world for hating you.

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Some thoughts on the mud shutdown [Feb. 9th, 2008|12:08 pm]
So...I haven't played for the past 2 years, so I'm not that emotionally tied to the game or recent issues (there was a pwipe? I hope you remember Shteven is the greatest wyrm who ever lived). Arguing over intellectual property, while true, probably isn't going to get anyone anywhere. I don't know what kind of contracts/licenses other coders saw, but when I (briefly) coded, I never really paid attention to any, as it was just a hobby. If you did assign the IP to yuki, then it's his legally.

The real problem is there's simply no way to effectively (ie, quickly) separate out other coder's code from Yuki's. It would be a nearly impossible task. So Yuki can't give back other's code without giving back his own. It would be nice if we could do the just thing: Give back only people's code/areas to them that they wrote. But that won't happen. Yuki would have to agree to send over the whole thing, which he has no obligation to give away his work when he wants to see it end.

Personally, I would appreciate it if he did, and I'd hope that if he had nothing to do with the next mud that he'd be able to find some peace (I infer that you've gotten rather sick of being around DM at this point?).

I remember, way back when, that there was some cost in DM - I think you had moved servers or registration or something. I don't remember what it was for - it was $75. Not being that rich then, I sent a check in for half (37.50). Anyway - if it would help things, I'd be willing to take you up on the pay-what-it-is-worth proposal.

200 was for the physical computer? How much for just the source/areas? 100 seem fair?

And for the record, I didn't then nor do I now have any copy of DM source from back then.

Steven Warkentin (Shteven, thibal, Tasonir, Waigane, Vrathmos)
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Copy of the entry I wrote on Myspace [Feb. 8th, 2008|11:10 pm]

[Mental Status |determineddetermined]

This is Dnarl, Gahojan, Shainton, Icaronos, or Arland for those of you who know me. I'm borrowing my wife's Myspace account because I refuse to make one. However, given that this seems to be the only active DM forum right now, here's where I'll say my piece.

I've physically seen, with my own two eyes, two separate emails from Alex (Yuki), written to Slate. One told him to pick up the server. One denied his request to obtain any sort of agreement on the code, NOT EVEN THE PARTS THAT WERE SLATE'S, even after being offered cash for something he tried to GIVE away less than six months before.

I don't know why he's trying to take any sort of moral or ethical ground asking people not to use copies of his code, especially given that nearly all the input, improvements, revampments, and bug fixes of the past few years have been Slate's (giving him a stake in pretty much the ENTIRE codebase). If he truly wasn't holding anyone's intellectual property hostage, then the whole mud, perhaps not the server but the mud, would currently be in Slate's hands.

If you throw a party at your house, and it gets out of hand, you don't let nerve gas in and kill everyone, you ask them to leave. Slate would have happily taken this party that Alex no longer wished to be a part of to a different house. This route Alex has taken is selfish, unethical, and inconsistent with the ideology with which he's clamoring to appease possible users of DM's code.

I may have never coded on DM, but I've invested ten years of my life there. My actions directly influenced the code in that game, be it rebalances, or bugfixes, or changes, or the implementation of new ideas. I'm far from the only contributor to this game. It belongs to all of us, regardless of its physical location. If any specific part of that game is entirely proprietary to Alex, unedited, unfixed, unbalanced, and untouched by any other coder, he's welcome to keep it to himself, in my opinion...but it would be a stretch to try and place that sanction on any piece of the code. We've all played a part in this game.

Here's what I ask: Alex's hypocritical request to hide Slate's intellectual property from him should be answered. If you are one of those who has a copy, however old, of DM's codebase, provide it to Slate. No one poured as much of their soul into that game in the past few years as him. WE as a playerbase may not deserve this game, but Alex certainly doesn't, either. Slate does.

The game will not be taken in Alex's direction, if that even IS a direction. It will be Slate's boat, a new, exciting, and fun creature. If the contributor wants to be a coder, or administrator, or builder, or wanker, that deal will have to be struck with Slate. I have no stake in it. My interest is as a player and as Slate's friend.

You can contact Slate on AIM (slate0620), on WC3, or through me on AIM, as well (Gahojan). If you want a direct phone number, email me at wadsworthdebate@gmail.com. I'll tell him who you are, and if he wants to talk to you, I'll forward his number to you (or just have him call you back). I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see DM come back under someone who actually CARES that it exists. I know I do.

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A post for the forum that is never used anymore [Jan. 25th, 2008|01:16 pm]
[Mental Status |sadsad]

==Just a copy/paste of my personal post.==

I figure this deserves a post, since I never post about my life anymore.

I pulled the plug on the server, the Daedal Macabre is through.

Here's the email I sent to Slate, kind of sums it up:
I don't know, yesterday I was sitting there at home, next to the server, logged in to read notes, and saw all the hub-hub about the pwipe, and it made me sad.

I was sad to see how things were going, sad to see everyone leave, sad to see this "new beginning," sad to see everything around there. I didn't like the direction, didn't like the place, didn't like the attitude, didn't like much.

So, I just decided "here's your m'shol" and held the power button in 4 seconds.

I don't plan on turning it back on. A week or two ago I told you I wanted the server out of my house, but in hindsight, I'd rather just end it. I poured so much time into that place, so much effort, I feel it's being wasted right now. The game hasn't changed, and having a pwipe and a rewrite of history isn't going to change it. The things I've said were needed to keep the game alive weren't happening, aren't happening, and won't happen now.

I don't know. I don't want to be convinced to change my mind or whatever. I just want it to end, so it's over. I feel a little bad for a few people, but it doesn't overshadow things unfortunately.

So that's it. It was fun when it was fun.
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Yuki traveling plans [Mar. 26th, 2007|10:49 am]
Alright, I have yet to post an official note on the MUD, but here's the deal.

I'm going to be in Orlando, Florida from Friday April 20th until Monday April 30th.

During this time, I will be in a hotel near the Orlando Airport from Monday April 23 until Thursday April 26. I will have a rental car available to me from Monday April 23 as well. The times I'm not in the hotel, I'll be staying with my brother.

So, I thought it might be alright for the people in Orlando or thereabouts to hang out an evening somewhere, maybe get dinner and chill or something. I don't know. If anyone is interested, email me at alex@dark-ninja.com. We can coordinate something I suppose.

Furthermore, I'll be in Philly (Philadelphia) from May 11 - May 20. Anyone interested in hanging out there best give me some notice too.
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A short message from the luvins.. [Mar. 22nd, 2007|09:07 am]
He's got the whole world in his hands..
He's got the whole world in his hands..
He's got the whole wide world in his hands..

Come back all ye olde players. Witness new goodies like new remorts: elemental, new races: githyanki/githzerai (if you havent seen it)...and a new friendly boss. Call your friends too or old people who have nothing to do.

A cartoon about DM on youtube would be an interesting notion.
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Cannot connect to Daedal Macabre? [Feb. 19th, 2007|11:37 pm]

In case some of you are wondering why you cannot connect to the website or even to the MUD itself.

mud.daedalmacabre.org , daedalmacabre.org is down.

Please use 

Host: daedal-macabre Port: 9000


Host: Port : 9000

For maps and other updated information:

Use this temporary dm site instead: exodus.weicheah.com


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